Master Bouchereau

Master Bouchereau received his first degree certificate in Hapkido in 1988 and received his sixth degree promotion to the Master level in 2008. He has been studying Jang Mu Won Hapkido exclusively under Grandmaster Kim since 1985 and has been teaching for over 23 years at the Alhambra Headquarters.

Master Bouchereau is also a doctor of Chiropractic. He has been practicing in the San Gabriel Valley since 1980. He has offices at 206 E Las Tunas #2, San Gabriel, CA and 6456 York Blvd, Highland Park, CA.

Master Bouchereau is the official chiropractor for the Jang Mu Won Hapkido Association.

Master Bouchereau has a private pilot's license and frequently flies his Cessna T210 to Mexico on medical missions with other doctors and dentists to provide free health care to the native populations.